Saturday, February 21, 2009


I found an awsome new site young writers society. If you are a writer you should totally check it out! Guys I need to take a break and re-organize. So I paln on coming back online in the summer when I am preping for my fresh men year of high school so Love ya an OUT!

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Friday the 13!

I just realized that after I submitted the previous post AND i wish u all the bad luck u'll b lucky to gett!


I got a new laptop!!! It's tottaly fab! So now I will be able to write a couple of times a week now and really advertise! hahaha. man. I am already stress out about high school and Iam not even there yet. We had scheduling. And what makes it so hard is that my freshman schedule I will determine my whole high school career. The people I meet, classes I will be able to take later on and if i will be happy. Huhhhhh... but i am varry excited! Tell me about ur worries is ur in eighth grade or wat it was/is like now in high school. BTW i found this cool new website called it makes you a custom radio stations, but thats all I am going to say so check it out! My new fav. clothing store is I am addicted. And it doesn't even have a physical store, its a website but the clothes are totally awsome! WELL!
I shall leave you now, cuz I wanna surf the web(even tho I don't even have any balance:0) adios.