Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jingle Bell Bash!

My chours concert is coming up and ima vary excited! I got a solo(allthough i get one every concert.... not to be cocky) My family from out of town is coming! Know here's wats worrying me some said my blog was cutie. I am the farthest thing from cutie. ya'll aren't telling me wat to talk about so I just ramble on. I want it to be serious to so tell me! See their's this little thimg call a comment box and you say wat every you like on it. GOSH! you make me feel like I am talking to myself! Also I promise to write more once I get a laptop. Promise! Also I am getting guitar lessons so watch out umm... any female artist that sings and plays guitar! HA! Top THAT! You can't! Well it's time for me to go so untill next time.

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