Monday, December 29, 2008

i have realized a problem

If any one has tried to follow my i am deeply sorry because it doesn't seem to be working right. As you can see the music if fixed if you have any suggestions leave a comment of the song. ummm thats it.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's the holiday season...can u blame me?

I have been a little busy this holiday season even though kno one I kno throws a party. :(. I got a wii. with a lot of games. including guitar hero. which is varrry fun. I am taking guitar lessons(i have been telling everyone this i am so proud...of myself.) OHH starting in the new year and when I get a labtop I am going to set up a weekly rutine and write more regularlly. So can't wait for that! Still can't figure out the music... but I will

g2g ya'll MERRY X-MAS!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sorry ppl

For some reason my new music list won't work so give me a couple of days and I will try to fix it!


Jingle Bell Bash!

My chours concert is coming up and ima vary excited! I got a solo(allthough i get one every concert.... not to be cocky) My family from out of town is coming! Know here's wats worrying me some said my blog was cutie. I am the farthest thing from cutie. ya'll aren't telling me wat to talk about so I just ramble on. I want it to be serious to so tell me! See their's this little thimg call a comment box and you say wat every you like on it. GOSH! you make me feel like I am talking to myself! Also I promise to write more once I get a laptop. Promise! Also I am getting guitar lessons so watch out umm... any female artist that sings and plays guitar! HA! Top THAT! You can't! Well it's time for me to go so untill next time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas... Almost

Yay! X-mas is almost here! Ima varrry excited! Hopefully I am getting either a X-Box(360) OR a Wii. Really I kinda want the x-box more because it is more like a traditonal system and have you ever played cars on that thing? It's totally sweet! I have a ds but the grafics on those games S-U-C-K! I got pirates of the caribean on it, it was way crappy. Other news about me is I got chose to do a foriegn exchange thing. Even tho I mightn't be able to do it tho. It's to england and that would totally suck. Caz I have always wanted to go 2 england and/or Ireland. umm... In celeberty news I have no idea. Nothing important enough to catch my interest. OH i watched one of my fav. shows today the soup which wat muy comico(or for only english speaker very funny) That's all that i have to say 2day you got any thing for which to speak upon, speak now or forever hold your peace!!

(p.S. I am not hispanic for your FYI, or asian or philipeano or somthing along that line. And believe me people have asked if I was all of the above... a couple of times.)

(P.P.S. and if you are wondering wat I look like, you have to make my blog as wildly famous a periz hiliton's or NO Deal!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My favorite author put a post on my blog!!!!OMG OMG OMFG! (slap) thank you myself I needed that. Excuse my acting like a teenage girl. (even tho I am 1) I usually have more control. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile where I've been doesn't have internet.(it wasn't jail BTW...or was it?... No it wasn't jail lol.) And I have been busy cause I do have a life......sorry i kno I shouldn't lie.(haha) My favorite book that she wrote was Fame, Glory, and other things on my to-do list. Do you kno who it is????Janette Rallison! Whooo Hooo! Okay today's agenda is twilight movie. It was varrry(muy) funny(comico). Bella actrest was bad, but edward actor was go so it made a nice balance.BTW(p.s. thats my new favorite txt talk phrase.) the special effects aren't that good. Exspecially when Edward is in the "sun". Also tyler is black! Just wanted to let you kno so you won't be shocked when you see it. The book ima reading right now is while i live, its good even though I usually don't like books set on a farm. Still it has action and the girl uses a gun sometimes so that balances out the farmness. Oh I still haven't finished pride and prejudice BTW!(gosh I luv that phrase!)

you know you love me,

Gossip Girl


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving is almost here!!!!

Yay thankskgivings almost here but my mind is set on christmas . I hav already started to listen to the local christmas station! furthermore the book ima currently reading is Let It Snow. it has a bunch of cool authors that ima too lazy to name. hahaha. but unfortunately its true. Whats also funny is ima not to lazy to explain why even tho it would hav been shorter to write their name. oh well ima just stupid. While ima doing this i might as well tell u about the book. It's 3 short stories and they r all some how connected and the writting isn't half bad. so yea pick it up with some hot choc. And it's set in Va which is a bouns too.(hahaha u don't kno y!) Moving on twilight came out fri. but ima not seeing it till next weekend or so. Wat ive realized is that while it wasn't out i was soo excited about seeing it now i could careless since its out ya kno? Actually u don't. LOL.(it deserved capital letters) Since u all kno ima a wannabe writer so i got tha idea to write a bout lilith the really first women of the bible. She was cut out when the were making the final draft of it so yea she's really unknown. so ima going 2 start research 2 day! YAY! what else... ummm..... ok i got an idea. High school. I hav no idea of wat to expect. My biggest question is wheither or not its a good place to start over...ish. So yea if u can anwser this Q 4 m3 that would b awsome!

SANTA BABE!!! hahahaha(inside joke!!)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

oops srryyy!

I said checkout this link and it didn't show and i am sry that i am a computer illiterate and don't kno who to work my own blog(lol if i may say so myself.) Here's today's topic feminism. I have no idea wat the real definition is but i belive it to be that u think women should take more pride in themselves and stick it to the man. And i believe myself to be a feminst. I am uber indpendant and also think that foolish giggling girls give no profit to socitey and plan on never being one. oh here i am talking about myself... again but i am so fab who wouldn't make that mistake! ( JK! or JJ) I will not tell u wat jj means figureit out for ur self! hahaha i wont be mean it means just josh'en ya idk wat it means ppl just use it at my school that I am torchered into going to :(. oh my i have blabed on and gotten of topic! So ya out there (if there are any) tell me wat feminism means to u!

Luv ya,
Kay b

Friday, November 14, 2008

A little sad

HI people! you kno wat ima a lit sad. Its a long story i DO NOT want to bore you with so I will talk about something other than myself.... TWILIGHT! it's coming out so and ima varyy(muy) excited. I like the actor who plays edward and don't like the person who plays bella. Even tho ppl thuink it will be bad I don't think it will. Also for ur fyi Im not obssed... promise ask mi freind i read like 10 books a week. Also i think Robert Paterson(edward) is very dashing and is charming and is BRITTISH! wat could be better than that!(excpt my dream guy that i will NOT tell u about... mayb l8r :) ) Moreover Every1 out there in cyberspace get ur friends to read mi blog!Man i forgot wat i was going to say... oh yea check out my link to b&n it's really cool really!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Election '08 (a few days late:) lol)

heyy everyone!!! Obama for your momma won!!! But don't get into your head that I am one of those folks who r obsed with him! He just got my vote because of default. Palin i wayyyy to unexperienced for her to be VP of an 76 yr. old man (i think)!! Who cares if obama has socialist tendenceies! He's still kool. Though I think ppl believe her going to be a miricle man and fix the nations problems with a blink of an eye! So yo tell me what you think!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hi everyone!

Let me just say I had a great time in cleveland even tho the bus made my butt hurt!! Oh and the person i was sitting beside made me get on the inside!! Still it was a good time and i got BRADY QUINN'S signature!!!!!!!!!!! Kool. Now here's another issue that plagueing my mind. I think its stupid when a girl and guy get all flirtly by playing tag and being all touchy feely. It annoys the crap out of me. I don't think I will ever get out of it. But do you think that will hurt my chances of getting a boyfriend( one day not now.... deff. not now. lol). I think it might caz im one of those ppl that are like why are u totchin me? Leave me ALONE! so yea u see my prob.??? Well I am going to think on it. Oh yea one day (soon! hopefully:( i wanna be a young adult writter. I already have plot ideas and try to write everyday. so if you have any advise for me tell me!!! Also I took and I-Q test and ima going to post a link to a site to get one!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cleveland is 4dqys away....i think

Hi omg cleveland is 4 days away i think... how ever far away halloween is and ima sooo excited!!!! What I like to talk about today is the twilight movie. I am soo excited too see it even tho it's prob. going 2 be bad. You kno every1 is givin the guy who plays edward a bad time. He's not that bad. Seroisly look at that girl. She's the ugly one. Her fashoin since at the award show is WTF???!! got to mtv and type in kristen steward after you leave here. Just prepare yourself. Also the voice is gruffy(if thats a word) like a man soo yea. Ohh and jasper wats up with his head? he need a hot comb or somethin. The best looking character is alice... thats saying a lot. so go check it out and see wat u find. tell me wats going on in twilight world.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I have been sick and lazy

Sorry ppl I have been sick and lazy and sp that results in me not posting for a few days. I want to announce I am going to cleveland!!! The purpose is to go to the browns football game! YAY I stay in the hotel w/ the players (it's totally awsome!!!) And I can't wait so I prob. won't beable to post reg. till after the election(srrrryyy). Next on the agenda, a personal problem. At my school district they offer this thing called specialty centers where every high school has a "specialty". That fine and all but ima nervous! Theirs thia one I wana go to but I don't think anyone I kno will be going and I am a afraid to start over from scatch! Then their is this other center thats at my home high that i am interested in to! Which on should I pick? Be a scaredy cat or not? S.O.S

Pray 4 me!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sorry its been awhile since I've posted. Lets see... I wana talk about to day is the direrction hip-hop has gone. My mom likes that old sckool stuff so I kno how great it used to be but now... not so fresh its al the same with no variety. And I miss the creativeness it used to have, I mean it inspired a bunch of white people to start copying us so it had to be something, right? Everyone knows that t-pain, lil wayne just use a voice box to get their voices to sound like that. Also ima a big alt. rock fan. Well actually I like everything but alt. rock is my favorite. so if you know any cool bands post them here and I will check them out!

Peace,<333, Happiness

Monday, October 13, 2008

Look what I added!!

Omg i just had to post that i put up a lyric search bar isn't that koool!!! I also added songs lol

Anyone have Ideas????

What I have been thinking about recently is how to get this blog off the ground. Anyone have ideas, comment greatly apreshated, anytime caz when I don't get any I feel like ima talking to myself,and then I feel crazy.(which isn't good!)What ima going 2 talk about today is myself.(yea i kno ur saying when doesn't she do that. 4 ur info i dont talk about myself... alot.) I wana try to stay anonums 4 two reasons. One their are crazy ppl out there and i invisioned myself having a wildly popular blog.Second. I don't want anyone to kno who is writting this blog cuz I might say something about someone and they'll get pissed. So it just better this way! Here's a few about me; im VP of njhs, ima from va, and .... ima in eighth grade right now. So that all for now. Oh i have some unfortunate news. My mother said that since it's taking me 4ever to read pride&predjuice( i haven't picked it up again caz really who want's a headache if you can avoid it!) that I have to read three classics of my choice that she must aprove so yea. Also if one that I'm not feeling lazy I will make a list of my fav. books. Also anyone know of any good websites caz it gets boring on the web if you hav nowhere to go! And TELL UR FRIENDS ABOUT ME!!!! With out ur help my dream will never happen( my dream is to have a famous blog by the way).


Saturday, October 11, 2008

W/E ( watev.)

Thax molly that sounds cool nobody near me ever throws a maqarade costume party even tho i wish they would. Thats acually what I wanted to be but my mom was like no ima not buying you a $100 dollar costume no matter how pretty it is. Uhhh, so I though high fashion model caz i was watchin americas next top model wen i had that arguement. Moving on in my soc. studies class she puts up each canidates total for the electorial collage( no that's not a real collage google it if you don't kno what it is) and obama(for your momma) was in the lead and all he needed waz to get IL and MZ to win with no way for McCain to catch up. I kmo totally awsome but that doesn't mean you shouldn't because that wan't def. and a lot of states are on the boarder line so GO VOTE! don't be a stupid butt.



Omg i just checked my comments! I got my first non-friend visiter! Thax molly for taking the time out to post a comment! And contiuing on Nights and Rodanthe I was utter crap and I would not recomend it to anyone over the age of fifty and doesn't hav white hair. Actually while leaving the movie my friends were too emarssed to tell a class mate we saww in the loby we saw that movie! Yep here's what ima seeing next eagle eye if it's still out friday. Also the book ima reading right this minute is wicked lovely by melissa marr. Its totally awsome and one of my fav. books ever! And 4 those of you who haven't realised this yet i read about ten books a week no joke. I have no life (jk)((just kidding for those who don't kno txt talk.)) ((( i advise u learn))). Oh yeah i also wanna see nick nora's... but i wanna read the book first is it any good? Comment me and tell me yo! (P.S. omly ppl who have read the book not pretend read)

You kno you love me,

Friday, October 10, 2008

Im going 2 see nights in roadanthe

well today my friends want to drag me along to see the movie said above. I tried to talk them into going to see nick and noras infinate playlist, but no lets go see the movie about an old lady falling in love. Oh yea i was watching the soup a couple of days ago and they had made a gag from the movie( and omg it was hilarious. Watch it! Nextly, the book I'm reading at the moment is pride and predjuice. Yeah i know its old but everyone says it's old. It is annoying to read i can only read 10 pgs. at a time, not because of the vocab because it just makes my head hurt. But me being a decated reader i will stick to it. for ur fyi i'm on page 205, just 325 more to go! YAY! But i g2g and see a gay move.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What's new

Today was a good day. Ha that just reminded me of that song that ice cube made "today was a good day" it pretty good. So wat new with me nothing really I watched making the band and was tatally suprised. I also and excited about halloween.Ima going to be a high fashion model. with bright tights, a shirt dress, and bright eyeshadow. So yea come tell me what ur going 2 B!

Monday, October 6, 2008

whats hott w/ books

Today(nite) i thought about a post idea the books that r in for me right now. 1) twilight; yea i kno everyone is reading it now but i started in '06. 2) wake by lisa mcmann. First twilight, ima not one of those crazy fans but ima still a fan. I never did pick a team for edward or jaccob because i love them both. Really i would chosie them by the mood ima in actually. Edward if ima feeling romantic, and want someone to love me unconventionally. Jacob if i want some one fun, someone to have ups and downs w/ and wont apolpgize every time he makes me mad someone truly human. Moving on with twilight my fav. book personally is eclipse. And no offence but i didn't think that breaking dawn was all that great. i don't kno it didnt feel so twilighty to me but i guess everyone moves on even fictional charaters. But oh well everything comes to an end. Just to let you kno i will be talking about twilight somemore so stay posted. Next, my fav. book of the moment wake. All i have to say is awsome and thats rare for me. I just love it, its a realistic fiction but not stupid. It has the fact that she can see into peoples dreams that makes it even more facinating. Also her writing style is highly original to me. This is a must read in my book and is one of my favs for probably forever.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall fashions

I really love fall fashions. they are all kitted and way "cool"er than summer. U can wear hats and have on boots and wear stylish jackets. Also people are nicer in the fall i don't know if its the christmas is almost here, or that it's not 90 degrees outside. Also down here in VA it's the only time you can have a high style fashion sence without look stupid ya kno? So tell me what you think of fall/winter fashions! Also the book ima reading at the momment is uninvited it 2 and a half stars out of 4 for me so check it out if you like vampires!

Friday, October 3, 2008

What i making me mad 2day

What is making me mad today is poltically retarded ppl. I know my Politics. And the people at my school don't and it makes me mad i mean how are you going to debate with me if you don't even kno wat ur talking about i mean come onnnn. just shut-up and let me explian it 2 you. I am a obama 4 your momma supporter. not because i think he's the second coming of christ, because i truely believe that the is better than McCain. And it didn't help that the oldest man to run for president ever has the most inexperience VP ever... ok i will just save that for another day. Man ima stupid why would my second blog ever be a political rant. well g2g yalll

Welcome 2 my wonderful(horrible) world!!!

Well ima a teenage girl trying to have a voice.... blah blah blah. this is my blog where I talk about any and everything. I want to hear from you(no cussing) so send me LOTS of comments kapishie(i didn't spell that right). So settle in and get ready 4 the ride.