Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Myspace... what in the hell is the point

Just for an heads up sorry about my previous post about the website it didn't show up 4 some reason. here it is www.sparkteens.com
Ok for my new weekly segment......
What's Bugging Me Today!
for the first segment the topic is myspace. That place is so funny because it is so pitiful! People take these dumb pics of themselves looking stupid on purpse. I mean i am a teen but I don't get the point. It confuses me. My friends have people on their top they don't even talk to or don't like that much. The people are fake and don't get me started on those about me paragraphs! they can write a whole paper on their myspace profile are flunking english! WTF! So if you have a myspace out their comment me and tell the purpose of having one and how much "fun" they are.

(p.s. I don't think you can)
(p.p.s. jk hahaha)

Monday, January 26, 2009

I forgot

In the previous post for the link I gave, at the network i am queenb4ever. (tho i am rarely on. kinda)

Ello Chums(& chumettes)

Mannnn. I hav so much 2 tell. Remember the specialty center thing?(if you don't go look in the arcives) Well the one that I really want to get into(i think.) called 2 day 2 set up my interview and I am very nervious! Goshhhhh..... Deep breaths. Also sorry for having not posted in awhile :). I have been varyy busy.(playin my ds- my sims is very addictive!) So that's one thing plus I am sick, and my guitar teacher likes to slop on lessons that are vary hard and I need 2 pratice everyday so I don't make a total fool of myself! But I promise that once I get my laptop(yes I still haven't got it!) You will be first(or third.) on my list of priorities. uhhh they move up 2 high school is really stressing me out! I haven't even gotten there yet and I wish it was over. Crap! I forgot something I had 2 do!
Ok. I added a link on this post about the kool website that help teens loose weight.
Check it OUT!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I don't kno what happend.

I have been planning on writing 4 awhile but I just don't kno what happend. BREAKING NEWS! I am going 2 start a segment every Tues. or Wednesday. It's going 2 be "Whats pissing me off 2day."
Like it? hahaha. I have started to take guitar lessons and omg guitar is hard. No wonder everyone wants to be the lead singer in a band! Sure, I've only had three lessons but mannnn, struming patterns are VARY hard. It's too complicated for me to try and tell.(well i tried and lets say I wasted 15 min.) Let's see..... Oh! I am vary excited for the up coming months because some of my fav. series new books are coming out. Here are a few:
hunted; house of night series
Fade; wake series
City of glass; Mortal instuments series
I advise you to read these even if you don't like to read
(but please read them. ;)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Yooo WAZ UP!

didn't you hate that when it was hot in the early 2000's I can't wait to see underworld 3 AND THAT ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT! The movie(s) totally awsomme. i am going to leave so that u can go watch it 

bye now

(anit that creepy?)