Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My favorite author put a post on my blog!!!!OMG OMG OMFG! (slap) thank you myself I needed that. Excuse my acting like a teenage girl. (even tho I am 1) I usually have more control. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile where I've been doesn't have internet.(it wasn't jail BTW...or was it?... No it wasn't jail lol.) And I have been busy cause I do have a life......sorry i kno I shouldn't lie.(haha) My favorite book that she wrote was Fame, Glory, and other things on my to-do list. Do you kno who it is????Janette Rallison! Whooo Hooo! Okay today's agenda is twilight movie. It was varrry(muy) funny(comico). Bella actrest was bad, but edward actor was go so it made a nice balance.BTW(p.s. thats my new favorite txt talk phrase.) the special effects aren't that good. Exspecially when Edward is in the "sun". Also tyler is black! Just wanted to let you kno so you won't be shocked when you see it. The book ima reading right now is while i live, its good even though I usually don't like books set on a farm. Still it has action and the girl uses a gun sometimes so that balances out the farmness. Oh I still haven't finished pride and prejudice BTW!(gosh I luv that phrase!)

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robin_titan said...

i didn't like kristen stewart either she's a really sucky actress but w/e i'm not a fan of robert pattison so yeah...and i thought the movie was horrible, i saw it anyway b/c i was so darn curious hehe

ooh i read pride and prejudice recently i loved it!