Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas... Almost

Yay! X-mas is almost here! Ima varrry excited! Hopefully I am getting either a X-Box(360) OR a Wii. Really I kinda want the x-box more because it is more like a traditonal system and have you ever played cars on that thing? It's totally sweet! I have a ds but the grafics on those games S-U-C-K! I got pirates of the caribean on it, it was way crappy. Other news about me is I got chose to do a foriegn exchange thing. Even tho I mightn't be able to do it tho. It's to england and that would totally suck. Caz I have always wanted to go 2 england and/or Ireland. umm... In celeberty news I have no idea. Nothing important enough to catch my interest. OH i watched one of my fav. shows today the soup which wat muy comico(or for only english speaker very funny) That's all that i have to say 2day you got any thing for which to speak upon, speak now or forever hold your peace!!

(p.S. I am not hispanic for your FYI, or asian or philipeano or somthing along that line. And believe me people have asked if I was all of the above... a couple of times.)

(P.P.S. and if you are wondering wat I look like, you have to make my blog as wildly famous a periz hiliton's or NO Deal!)


Steelefamily said...

hey- cute blog. Came to it through Janette Rallison, I love her too.

Steelefamily said...
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