Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Myspace... what in the hell is the point

Just for an heads up sorry about my previous post about the website it didn't show up 4 some reason. here it is www.sparkteens.com
Ok for my new weekly segment......
What's Bugging Me Today!
for the first segment the topic is myspace. That place is so funny because it is so pitiful! People take these dumb pics of themselves looking stupid on purpse. I mean i am a teen but I don't get the point. It confuses me. My friends have people on their top they don't even talk to or don't like that much. The people are fake and don't get me started on those about me paragraphs! they can write a whole paper on their myspace profile are flunking english! WTF! So if you have a myspace out their comment me and tell the purpose of having one and how much "fun" they are.

(p.s. I don't think you can)
(p.p.s. jk hahaha)

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