Monday, January 19, 2009

I don't kno what happend.

I have been planning on writing 4 awhile but I just don't kno what happend. BREAKING NEWS! I am going 2 start a segment every Tues. or Wednesday. It's going 2 be "Whats pissing me off 2day."
Like it? hahaha. I have started to take guitar lessons and omg guitar is hard. No wonder everyone wants to be the lead singer in a band! Sure, I've only had three lessons but mannnn, struming patterns are VARY hard. It's too complicated for me to try and tell.(well i tried and lets say I wasted 15 min.) Let's see..... Oh! I am vary excited for the up coming months because some of my fav. series new books are coming out. Here are a few:
hunted; house of night series
Fade; wake series
City of glass; Mortal instuments series
I advise you to read these even if you don't like to read
(but please read them. ;)

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