Monday, January 26, 2009

Ello Chums(& chumettes)

Mannnn. I hav so much 2 tell. Remember the specialty center thing?(if you don't go look in the arcives) Well the one that I really want to get into(i think.) called 2 day 2 set up my interview and I am very nervious! Goshhhhh..... Deep breaths. Also sorry for having not posted in awhile :). I have been varyy busy.(playin my ds- my sims is very addictive!) So that's one thing plus I am sick, and my guitar teacher likes to slop on lessons that are vary hard and I need 2 pratice everyday so I don't make a total fool of myself! But I promise that once I get my laptop(yes I still haven't got it!) You will be first(or third.) on my list of priorities. uhhh they move up 2 high school is really stressing me out! I haven't even gotten there yet and I wish it was over. Crap! I forgot something I had 2 do!
Ok. I added a link on this post about the kool website that help teens loose weight.
Check it OUT!!!!

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