Friday, November 14, 2008

A little sad

HI people! you kno wat ima a lit sad. Its a long story i DO NOT want to bore you with so I will talk about something other than myself.... TWILIGHT! it's coming out so and ima varyy(muy) excited. I like the actor who plays edward and don't like the person who plays bella. Even tho ppl thuink it will be bad I don't think it will. Also for ur fyi Im not obssed... promise ask mi freind i read like 10 books a week. Also i think Robert Paterson(edward) is very dashing and is charming and is BRITTISH! wat could be better than that!(excpt my dream guy that i will NOT tell u about... mayb l8r :) ) Moreover Every1 out there in cyberspace get ur friends to read mi blog!Man i forgot wat i was going to say... oh yea check out my link to b&n it's really cool really!


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