Saturday, November 15, 2008

oops srryyy!

I said checkout this link and it didn't show and i am sry that i am a computer illiterate and don't kno who to work my own blog(lol if i may say so myself.) Here's today's topic feminism. I have no idea wat the real definition is but i belive it to be that u think women should take more pride in themselves and stick it to the man. And i believe myself to be a feminst. I am uber indpendant and also think that foolish giggling girls give no profit to socitey and plan on never being one. oh here i am talking about myself... again but i am so fab who wouldn't make that mistake! ( JK! or JJ) I will not tell u wat jj means figureit out for ur self! hahaha i wont be mean it means just josh'en ya idk wat it means ppl just use it at my school that I am torchered into going to :(. oh my i have blabed on and gotten of topic! So ya out there (if there are any) tell me wat feminism means to u!

Luv ya,
Kay b

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