Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving is almost here!!!!

Yay thankskgivings almost here but my mind is set on christmas . I hav already started to listen to the local christmas station! furthermore the book ima currently reading is Let It Snow. it has a bunch of cool authors that ima too lazy to name. hahaha. but unfortunately its true. Whats also funny is ima not to lazy to explain why even tho it would hav been shorter to write their name. oh well ima just stupid. While ima doing this i might as well tell u about the book. It's 3 short stories and they r all some how connected and the writting isn't half bad. so yea pick it up with some hot choc. And it's set in Va which is a bouns too.(hahaha u don't kno y!) Moving on twilight came out fri. but ima not seeing it till next weekend or so. Wat ive realized is that while it wasn't out i was soo excited about seeing it now i could careless since its out ya kno? Actually u don't. LOL.(it deserved capital letters) Since u all kno ima a wannabe writer so i got tha idea to write a bout lilith the really first women of the bible. She was cut out when the were making the final draft of it so yea she's really unknown. so ima going 2 start research 2 day! YAY! what else... ummm..... ok i got an idea. High school. I hav no idea of wat to expect. My biggest question is wheither or not its a good place to start over...ish. So yea if u can anwser this Q 4 m3 that would b awsome!

SANTA BABE!!! hahahaha(inside joke!!)

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Janette Rallison said...

Good luck on all of your writing and reading!