Monday, October 13, 2008

Anyone have Ideas????

What I have been thinking about recently is how to get this blog off the ground. Anyone have ideas, comment greatly apreshated, anytime caz when I don't get any I feel like ima talking to myself,and then I feel crazy.(which isn't good!)What ima going 2 talk about today is myself.(yea i kno ur saying when doesn't she do that. 4 ur info i dont talk about myself... alot.) I wana try to stay anonums 4 two reasons. One their are crazy ppl out there and i invisioned myself having a wildly popular blog.Second. I don't want anyone to kno who is writting this blog cuz I might say something about someone and they'll get pissed. So it just better this way! Here's a few about me; im VP of njhs, ima from va, and .... ima in eighth grade right now. So that all for now. Oh i have some unfortunate news. My mother said that since it's taking me 4ever to read pride&predjuice( i haven't picked it up again caz really who want's a headache if you can avoid it!) that I have to read three classics of my choice that she must aprove so yea. Also if one that I'm not feeling lazy I will make a list of my fav. books. Also anyone know of any good websites caz it gets boring on the web if you hav nowhere to go! And TELL UR FRIENDS ABOUT ME!!!! With out ur help my dream will never happen( my dream is to have a famous blog by the way).


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Molly said...

I know how you feel. I tried to make a blog a couple of years ago and it never became successful. You just have to stick with it and eventually it will become successful.