Friday, October 10, 2008

Im going 2 see nights in roadanthe

well today my friends want to drag me along to see the movie said above. I tried to talk them into going to see nick and noras infinate playlist, but no lets go see the movie about an old lady falling in love. Oh yea i was watching the soup a couple of days ago and they had made a gag from the movie( and omg it was hilarious. Watch it! Nextly, the book I'm reading at the moment is pride and predjuice. Yeah i know its old but everyone says it's old. It is annoying to read i can only read 10 pgs. at a time, not because of the vocab because it just makes my head hurt. But me being a decated reader i will stick to it. for ur fyi i'm on page 205, just 325 more to go! YAY! But i g2g and see a gay move.



Mal said...

The movies not gayyy!

Molly said...

I'm sorry. :( I saw Nick and Norah's playlist and it rocked.