Friday, October 3, 2008

What i making me mad 2day

What is making me mad today is poltically retarded ppl. I know my Politics. And the people at my school don't and it makes me mad i mean how are you going to debate with me if you don't even kno wat ur talking about i mean come onnnn. just shut-up and let me explian it 2 you. I am a obama 4 your momma supporter. not because i think he's the second coming of christ, because i truely believe that the is better than McCain. And it didn't help that the oldest man to run for president ever has the most inexperience VP ever... ok i will just save that for another day. Man ima stupid why would my second blog ever be a political rant. well g2g yalll

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Anonymous said...

hey this is Taylor and loves mkk