Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I have been sick and lazy

Sorry ppl I have been sick and lazy and sp that results in me not posting for a few days. I want to announce I am going to cleveland!!! The purpose is to go to the browns football game! YAY I stay in the hotel w/ the players (it's totally awsome!!!) And I can't wait so I prob. won't beable to post reg. till after the election(srrrryyy). Next on the agenda, a personal problem. At my school district they offer this thing called specialty centers where every high school has a "specialty". That fine and all but ima nervous! Theirs thia one I wana go to but I don't think anyone I kno will be going and I am a afraid to start over from scatch! Then their is this other center thats at my home high that i am interested in to! Which on should I pick? Be a scaredy cat or not? S.O.S

Pray 4 me!

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Do what you feel will be truly best for you.