Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cleveland is 4dqys away....i think

Hi omg cleveland is 4 days away i think... how ever far away halloween is and ima sooo excited!!!! What I like to talk about today is the twilight movie. I am soo excited too see it even tho it's prob. going 2 be bad. You kno every1 is givin the guy who plays edward a bad time. He's not that bad. Seroisly look at that girl. She's the ugly one. Her fashoin since at the award show is WTF???!! got to mtv and type in kristen steward after you leave here. Just prepare yourself. Also the voice is gruffy(if thats a word) like a man soo yea. Ohh and jasper wats up with his head? he need a hot comb or somethin. The best looking character is alice... thats saying a lot. so go check it out and see wat u find. tell me wats going on in twilight world.

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