Saturday, October 11, 2008


Omg i just checked my comments! I got my first non-friend visiter! Thax molly for taking the time out to post a comment! And contiuing on Nights and Rodanthe I was utter crap and I would not recomend it to anyone over the age of fifty and doesn't hav white hair. Actually while leaving the movie my friends were too emarssed to tell a class mate we saww in the loby we saw that movie! Yep here's what ima seeing next eagle eye if it's still out friday. Also the book ima reading right this minute is wicked lovely by melissa marr. Its totally awsome and one of my fav. books ever! And 4 those of you who haven't realised this yet i read about ten books a week no joke. I have no life (jk)((just kidding for those who don't kno txt talk.)) ((( i advise u learn))). Oh yeah i also wanna see nick nora's... but i wanna read the book first is it any good? Comment me and tell me yo! (P.S. omly ppl who have read the book not pretend read)

You kno you love me,

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Mal said...

You know what missy! That movie was amazingg <3 Best love story everrr(: