Saturday, October 11, 2008

W/E ( watev.)

Thax molly that sounds cool nobody near me ever throws a maqarade costume party even tho i wish they would. Thats acually what I wanted to be but my mom was like no ima not buying you a $100 dollar costume no matter how pretty it is. Uhhh, so I though high fashion model caz i was watchin americas next top model wen i had that arguement. Moving on in my soc. studies class she puts up each canidates total for the electorial collage( no that's not a real collage google it if you don't kno what it is) and obama(for your momma) was in the lead and all he needed waz to get IL and MZ to win with no way for McCain to catch up. I kmo totally awsome but that doesn't mean you shouldn't because that wan't def. and a lot of states are on the boarder line so GO VOTE! don't be a stupid butt.


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Molly said...

I so wish i could vote. :( *sigh*