Monday, October 6, 2008

whats hott w/ books

Today(nite) i thought about a post idea the books that r in for me right now. 1) twilight; yea i kno everyone is reading it now but i started in '06. 2) wake by lisa mcmann. First twilight, ima not one of those crazy fans but ima still a fan. I never did pick a team for edward or jaccob because i love them both. Really i would chosie them by the mood ima in actually. Edward if ima feeling romantic, and want someone to love me unconventionally. Jacob if i want some one fun, someone to have ups and downs w/ and wont apolpgize every time he makes me mad someone truly human. Moving on with twilight my fav. book personally is eclipse. And no offence but i didn't think that breaking dawn was all that great. i don't kno it didnt feel so twilighty to me but i guess everyone moves on even fictional charaters. But oh well everything comes to an end. Just to let you kno i will be talking about twilight somemore so stay posted. Next, my fav. book of the moment wake. All i have to say is awsome and thats rare for me. I just love it, its a realistic fiction but not stupid. It has the fact that she can see into peoples dreams that makes it even more facinating. Also her writing style is highly original to me. This is a must read in my book and is one of my favs for probably forever.

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